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Child adopted after 7 years in foster care | DCFS

DCFS shares an adoption story of over seven years in the making, highlighting the importance of pushing for relative connections for waiting children.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — November is National Adoption Month, and over 300 children are in need of adoptive homes in Arkansas.

Staff members of DCFS Haley Casey, Nikki Moore and Keith Metz share the story of a young lady who waited over seven years for her dream to come true.

"It all started with a photograph," says Moore. "We partner with Project Zero, who works with photographers who take great photos of kids in foster care."

These professional photos and short bios form the Arkansas Heart Gallery.

"It just takes the right set of eyes to see a child that could possibly be a forever home," says Moore. "Her grandmother was looking through the Arkansas Heart Gallery and saw her bright blue eyes and instantly knew she was her granddaughter."

DCFS worked hard to make sure the grandmother could meet licensing approval.

"I am grateful for Project zero and that one single picture," says Casey. "She experienced 16 different placements during her time in foster care, but now she is home and stable and thriving."

"Her grandmother is a special education teacher, and she advanced two grade levels of reading in six months," says Casey. "It just shows what it can do for a child when you get them home and in the right environment."

Visit fosterarkansas.org to learn more about the work from Arkansas Department of Human Services.