SHERWOOD, Ark. — Does your backyard flood after a heavy rain? The best solution is to have your gutters installed underground. But this can be expensive. So Chris H. Olsen with Botanica Gardens found an easier way to deal with the problem. Gravel!

At this home in Sherwood, he used a beautiful crushed granite, which is what the English use for their driveways and walkways. It mattes down into a hard surface so it becomes like concrete but still allows water to penetrate and flow through.

The granite can be uncomfortable on your feet so make sure to put down stepping stones that are big (Chris's tip: at least 30 inches across!) and placed close together so you don't have to jump from one to another.

Not convinced that gravel is the solution? Guess what! It also adds depth to your back porch. In this house's case, the patio was extended by 6 feet. And the gravel is hard enough so you can place chairs, a table, even a BBQ grill.