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How to find your purpose | Life coach advice

Life Coach and Author Deana Williams shared how pain can lead you to your purpose.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — The Vine starts every week with a little motivation from Transformational Life Coach and Author Deana Williams with Face Life Coach, LLC. 

Pathway to your Purpose

Pain: Who or what ailed or failed you? This is not always physical, this can be emotional. Mental, financial, etc. This is something that was more than likely a pivotal point in your life; it has probably directly or indirectly affected every area or decision in your life from careers, relationships, beliefs, etc.

Passion: A desire that burns within because it is naturally and divinely connected. This is not always your job. Hint: This is usually a solution to what pained you. We tend to become who or what we needed; an unanswered need/prayer. This can sometimes cause a big void in our lives, when neglected.

Purpose: The sum total of alignment and your existence. This is your gift but it serves others! Your service is not about you! There is a bigger picture but you reap the benefits! Fulfilling your purpose by meeting the needs of others will give you great joy. You will know when you are walking in your purpose!   

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