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Life coach advice to stay motivated at work

Transformational Life Coach Deana Williams has three ways you can improve your professional attitude.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Deana Williams is a Transformational Life Coach with Devine Purpose, LLC. Here are Deana's three ways to motivate your professional self. 

1) Remember to visualize your desired outcome. Allow yourself to dream daily of the life you have always wanted or things you always desired to do. Surround yourself in a like-minded community. Your net worth equals your network!

2) Invest in yourself: So often we will invest in others before investing in ourselves. You are worth the risk! Take courses, read books, attend conferences, return to school, engage in local activities that share the same interest.

3) Have an Accountability Partner; someone who is also in need of being held accountable as well!; service! Avoid friends or family members because this could compromise your outcome.

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