LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Mariel Ruiz and her husband Joe impressed The Vine team with this DIY project! The industrial towel racks are a great solution for a narrow space. 


Use a 1"x3" board as the base of the shelf. Since our industrial pipes were 18" long, Mariel cut the board to about 24" inches long.

Since we plan to put glass items on the shelf, Mariel added a 1"x2" to the front of the shelf for safety. Make sure it's the same length as your 1"x3" base. 

To make the shelf easier to hang, Mariel also added a 1"x3" board to the back of your base. Make sure it's also 24 inches long. 

MARIEL TIP: Before nailing the boards together, use wood glue to help keep the boards in place. This cuts down on mistakes. 

Once the boards are nailed together, assemble the 18" pipe with the flange and elbow. Screw that assembled pipes onto the bottom of the base 1"x3" board. When completely finished with the project, your towel will hang from this pipe. 

It's now time to stain the entire shelf. Mariel dipped an old rag into the can of stain and quickly wiped it onto all sides of the shelf. She used only one layer of stain. 

Once stain is dry, you're free to hang! 


-One 1”x3” x 8 ft
Cut into four pieces 23 ¾” long

-One 1”x2” x 4 ft
Cut into two pieces 23 ¾” long

-1 ¼” Trim Head Screws

-(6) 90-degree elbow

-(6) 1/2 inch floor flange

-(3) 1/2 inch pipe

-Stain in your favorite color (Mariel recommends Minwax Wood Finish in “Honey”)

-Fast-drying Polyurethane Clear Gloss