LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — If you're stressing too much, there are changes you can make in your daily life to relax. 

Here are three tips from Transformational Life Coach Deana Williams: 

1 - Exercise followed by quiet time. Workout with intentions to be healthier not out of anger. Secondly, sit quietly and allow your body to recover while you focus on cutting the chatter in your head.

2 - Mindset makeover with music. Play music that makes you happy or that makes you dance!  Allow the music to take you places in your mind. If you are truly overwhelmed play gospel or worship music. The tears will become tears of joy not sadness.

3 - Creative concepts. Get busy crafting or creating something special for someone you love. Allow your creative energy to flow! This will definitely make you feel better. Being creative will relax you on so many levels. You will also feel better emotionally, physically and possibly spiritually.

Williams is the author of Get M.O.V.E.D: Mapping Out Victory Each Day. Click here to purchase.