LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Weather records go back to the 1800s. Since then, there have been 12 years when snow has fallen on Christmas Day. Most recent memory was not too long ago. In 2012, nine inches of snow fell causing a winter wonderland across Central Arkansas. The time before then was in 2009 when a trace fell enough to sprinkle winter magic across the land. Looking past 2012, the last time more than a trace of winter weather fell on Christmas in Little rock was Christmas of 1926!

Taking all of these statistics into consideration, the chance to see measurable snowfall in Little Rock on Christmas Day is 1 percent. It is better than zero, right?

On Christmas Day, the average high temperature is 49 degrees and the average low temperature in 32 degrees. There has been rain on 27% of Christmas Days on record. The chance to see rain on Christmas is much higher than the chance to see snow. It is more likely to see sunshine than either rain or snow.

The past seven out of ten Christmas Days have seen above average temperatures.

The week before Christmas look warm, too warm for any winter weather. Don’t lose hope! Some of the long-range models do bring a gust of cold, arctic air for the last week in December. Right now, it is too early to forecast, but definitely something worth watching.