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Relive 3 classic & hilarious Craig O'Neill prank calls

To continue our celebration of Craig O'Neill's 50 years in broadcasting, we decided to dig up three of our favorite prank calls.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — As we continue to celebrate Craig O'Neill's 50th year in broadcasting, we decided to compile three of our favorite prank calls from his time in radio.

There's nothing funnier than hearing Craig have fun prank calling the Texas football team or doing a barely passable Bill Clinton impersonation.

Hopefully you will get to a kick out of hearing these calls once more. We sure did when we listened back to them again!

Texas with an extra S

During his radio days, Craig made a lot of prank calls but nothing gets us more tickled than when he decided to call up the University of Texas and tell them a groundskeeper mistakenly put an extra S on the field. 

Bill Clinton tries to rent a U-Haul

If you got a call from Bill Clinton just after he was elected to become president, how would you have reacted? That's exactly what happened when he called U-Haul trying to see if he could put a hitch on a limo.

Lashonda Reed gets cable

And perhaps one of Craig's most famous prank calls. In this one he plays a lazy cable worker who wants to go fishing. That gets on Lashonda's nerves and she gives Craig a piece of her mind!

If Craig gives us more tapes to listen to we'll make sure to upload them for y'all to enjoy!

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