LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - May is National Foster Care month, and there's a need in the Arkansas for foster families willing to open their hearts and homes.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services also needs adoptive parents for children like Hailey. She has special needs that will require a patient, accepting, and loving family.

After meeting her, we’re confident she will find one who'll give her a place to call home.

At the Toggery, 9-year old Hailey is on a shopping spree. Never before has anyone taken this girl to shop.

Credit: KTHV

But when she came out of the dressing room, there was a big surprise.

"A poodle !!" exclaimed Hailey.

That's right, a poodle. It's the owner's dog.

"He's sniffing me," Hailey says.

His name is Spencer, and he immediately took to Hailey. Spencer was adopted, and that is what Hailey wants most of all.

Credit: KTHV

"She needs a family that will understand her, accept her you know for who she is and just to love on her," says Whitney Peters, a DHS adoption specialist.

Peters says Hailey has special needs that require ongoing patience, therapy, and a lot of love. Peters is confident someone out there will answer the call.

"She's a great little girl,” Peters says. “And she just needs to be loved, wants to be loved, and she needs a family that'll meet her needs."

"His nose was cold!" Hailey shares. "I wanna be a vet (when I grow up)."

"She enjoys helping others and pleasing others, she loves cats and dogs and animals,” Peters say. “Just to be loved and friendly."

Credit: KTHV

Soon, check out time, along with a request from a 3rd grader. She asked THV11’s Dawn Scott to mark all her new goodies with her initials, so the children in her group home know its hers. A simple task but a big reminder that our smallest, most vulnerable children need help and attention from us all.

Big thanks to the Toggery for letting Hailey pick out toys to take with her.

If you'd like to know more about Hailey or any state foster child up for adoption, head to the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.