LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Friday the 13 is full of superstitions, but some people think of it as a holiday.

At Cat Fish Jimmy's Tattoo shop in Hensley, Friday the 13 is one the their busiest days. It is because owner James Brassfield offers up a special deal.

"It's a tattoo holiday really," Brassfield said.

Brassfield offers up any Friday the 13 tattoo for $31. He said getting a tattoo is almost like a tradition.

"It started out that if you get 13 tattooed on you, you're immune to superstitious things," he said.

His customers usually have several.

"Because there's a lot of ideas on what to be superstitious against and one of them is 13," Brassfield said.

Brassfield is usually tattooing things like horror film characters and black cats as well.

"A lot of people get a black cat with a 13 or something," he said.

And speaking of black cats, there is of course the superstition that black cats are bad luck. Tracy Roark with the Little Rock Animal Village said this can sometimes make them harder to adopt.

"They like to play and love their owners. For example we have a black cat in here right now and you can see just how loving it is," Roark said.

But he said he feels most people are putting that superstition behind, and coming by to adopt one.

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Black cats are harder to save so they'll take a black cat and we're thankful for that," Roark said.

So whether or not you believe in superstitions, Friday the 13th is definitely full of tales and traditions.

“There’s usually two to three Friday the thirteenths a year, and last time I was in here by myself and I did 22 tattoos in a 12 hour period," Brassfield said.