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Arkansas police officer gives father last radio call before retirement

Cpl. Martin didn't know his son would be the one to give him his final call and he fought back tears.

It's always an emotional moment when it's the last day before retirement, but for Arkansas Highway Police Corporal Roy Martin he had to hold back tears during his last radio call.

Arkansas State Police posted the video on its Facebook page, which is quickly being shared across social media and surely making everyone wipe away some tears while watching it.

In the video, Cpl. Roy Martin places his last 10-7 call over the radio after 31 years of service with the Arkansas Highway Police.

But what he didn't know was that his son, Corporal Billy Martin, would be on the other end to receive his 10-7 and provide an emotional goodbye and a thank you.

"Myself, Kim and Amy are proud of you and we love you, Dad," his son said over the radio.

His father then responds with a 10-4 and that "y'all be careful out there." 

But after the call ends, he turns to people outside of his patrol car while holding back tears and said, "That's all I can say, I can't get on there and say nothing..."

Congrats on a long career Cpl. Roy Martin and we hope you enjoy your retirement!