There is a special new baby in the CLE who just made his way into the world on Sunday.

But, unlike that “other” baby giraffe who went viral when he made his entrance, our mamma was much more discreet.

Jhasmin is the proud mom.

It's the 48th giraffe calf to be born at the Cleveland Metroparks zoo, but he has yet to make his public debut.

"Right now the mom and calf are forming their bond. We're monitoring their health right now,” says Chris Kuhar, Executive Director of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

This is what we do know.

He weighed in at 160 lbs and is around 6 feet tall.

Unlike April who hardly had a moment to herself in her not so private pregnancy that roped in millions for three months, there is no surveillance video of Jhasmine’s special delivery.

"She actually started giving birth on exhibit and we called her back into the barn and she gave birth in the barn," says Kuhar.

Why not the fanfare for the giraffe baby form the CLE?

"We don't necessarily confirm every single pregnancy. We assume sometimes that they are pregnant. Mom was starting to get bigger and show the signs of a pregnancy," says Kuhar.

For now, Jahsmine's baby is a no name "generic giraffe".

The father of this baby who came into the world rather unceremoniously, had sired 6 giraffe calves at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

His name was Travis.

He passed away last summer but not before he sired one more.

15 months gestation, and Viola! Travis's legacy is here.

Wildlife conservation is so important to the folks at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

The population of those Masai giraffes in Africa has decreased by 40% in 15 years.

Now Cleveland, Seeing the Possible, contributes one more.

Watch for his big debut and for his name that you, the public gets to choose, in the next couple weeks.