A dog believed to have been dumped in Faulkner County is about to begin a new life as a service dog in Washington state.

Since Feb. 24, Robin Stauffer has been fostering the approximately 1-year-old American Foxhound. She found her on a Faulkner County road when she was looking for an injured dog as part of ArkanPaws Animal Rescue.

"She was determined to go with me. She ended up with her front paws at the hood of my car looking at me through the windshield like ‘you are not leaving me here’," Stauffer said.

Stauffer listed her on a found dog Facebook page, but with no response.

“Probably what happened is she was a hunting dog that wouldn’t hunt so they dumped her," Stauffer said.

Now dog who goes by ‘Cordy’ is about to embark on a huge adventure.

"I’m really excited for her to have this kind of opportunity. I mean she’s going to go everywhere," Stauffer said.

Cordy was found on Facebook by Kristin Henderson in Washington state. Henderson has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. Cordy will soon undergo two years of training to become her certified service dog for medical alert and wheelchair assistance. She'll learn to detect seizures and help her with day to day life like opening doors or pushing elevator buttons.

"The spasticity training will be if I have a spasm in my wheelchair, she will lay across my lap to prevent me from being thrown out of my wheelchair," Henderson said.

She lost her last service dog in October to cancer and when looking with her trainer and husband on Facebook for a dog with potential, Cordy was surprisingly a good match.

"I’m really excited to get her and get her going and give her a new life," Henderson said.

She doesn't have much training beyond sit, stay, and shake, but Henderson's trainer believes because she's a working breed dog with the right size snout to pick things up, she'll turn into a highly trained service dog.

"I don’t know who was more excited her or me I think she was because she was able to see just what this dog could do," Henderson said about her trainer’s reaction.

The playful dog, dumped on a county road is now finding a new home with someone she'll be able to help back.

"A throwaway hunting dog to become a service dog in Washington state is pretty cool," Stauffer said.

There is a Go Fund Me page to help pay for Cordy's transportation to Washington which will cost around $800 and any leftover donations will go towards her training that costs $5,000. Stauffer would like to find a pilot to take Cordy, otherwise, they plan to drive her to Dallas to fly out of.

To help Cordy, click here.