Six-year-old Olivia Gant loves police officers. They have escorted her to the hospital many times since she was diagnosed with a serious illness in 2015.

The Denver girl was put on hospice recently after a month-long hospital stay so her mom helped her create a bucket list.

Olivia’s wish list included “catch a bad guy with police.”

“She wanted to be like the ones who help her and help others,” mom Kelly Gant said.

The Denver Police Department got wind of Olivia’s wish and went above and beyond to make it happen.

They gave Olivia her own uniform and DPD Cpl. Tim Scudder took her for a spin in a patrol car, complete with lights and sirens.

“We got a call. We’re gonna go catch a bad guy, all right?” Scudder told her.

Olivia was grinning from ear to ear during the ride.

Her mom said that’s not unusual, despite chronic pain.

“Behind the pain, behind the surgery, there’s always a smile,” Gant said.

Olivia helped make an “arrest” and was even sworn in as chief for the day.

“We pray for each other every single day and I want you to know that we’ll keep you in our prayers,” Denver’s police chief told Olivia.

Olivia also hopes to feed sharks, ride in a balloon and go to an American Doll store.