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Cross-country runner goes the extra mile for a friend

Justin Andrade ran 280 miles over a week from Alamosa to Arvada to honor a long-life friend and her brother, Cameron Holland, who died in 2019.

ARVADA, Colo. — What would you do for a friend? Offer a hug, take time to listen, show up – and sometimes do the unexpected.

Justin Andrade is the kind of friend who does all of that and is willing to go the extra mile, literally. He’s willing to do something really extraordinary, such as embark on a run from Alamosa to Arvada

The journey is 280 miles and will take a week. He’s a cross country runner, but he’s never ran more than 20 miles at one time.

This running feat was an idea that came to him when he was going to school at Adams State University. “I went to college on the other side of these mountains. It started about a year ago, I had this funny idea to run back home and as time progressed I was like, I might actually attempt it.”

Justin grew up in Arvada and graduated from Arvada West High School. In Ms. Poindexter’s kindergarten class he met a lifelong friend, Delaney Holland. 

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She was the first person he called to talk about his idea to run from Alamosa to Arvada. “Like it’s surprising he’s doing this and then again not really, I know the type of person he is and I think he does put himself before other people.”

Justin’s run is more than a personal challenge – he is running to raise money for the Cameron Holland Scholarship

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Cameron was Delaney’s little brother. He died in December 2019 in a car accident. He was on the track team and was a star football player. Delaney is grateful Justin thought of him. 

“I think our biggest fear has always been that people would forget my brother or forget to say his name or whatever. So hearing Justin say his name, it gives me chills,” said Delaney.

Justin’s run raised over $10,000 for the Cameron Holland Scholarship fund. The Holland family is thrilled and continuing their fundraising efforts – with another $20,000 they will be able to award two scholarships a year. 

To donate, visit the Cameron Holland Scholarship website

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