LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A large, metallic gold flag flies high above the headquarters of Flag and Banner to ring in the new year.

It was the idea of Flag and Banner founder, Kerry McCoy, after seeing similar flags in New York on a recent trip.

“I went to Rockefeller Center in New York last month and was in awe of the shimmering, gold flags that were flying on their flag poles,” said McCoy. “It's hard to describe the effect. The cloth is very lightweight, which means the flags really move in the wind, and the gold color is almost luminescent.”

So, she came home and had one made for Flag and Banner. Constructed of an extremely lightweight lamé material with a metallic gold thread, the flag is a show stopper.

She has been getting numerous calls a day since the flag went up asking about its significance and how to order one. McCoy's hope is that a new tradition will begin where each January of every new year gold flags will fly as a symbol of hope.

It will fly at the Little Rock headquarters throughout the month of January and will also be available for order. Production time is about two weeks.