FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - Wouldn't it be nice to experience an hour of nothing? No kids. No cellphones. Just imagine a place where you might, quite literally, be able to float your stress away.

Float Therapy is an immersive therapeutic technique dating back to the 1950s. The therapy, said to be beneficial to both your physical and emotional health, involves a tank mixed with salt water that is so dense, your body will actually float.

“I love it when people call and ask me what’s the in the water in the tank, and I say ‘Water and Epsom salt.’ And they are like 'And?… And?' 'Hopefully you! I don't know!” said Sally Ghanim, owner of Therapods in Fayetteville.

Ghanim’s establishment boasts two cabin style tanks, and it's the only place of its kind in the Natural State.

“We have about 900 pounds in there, and the water is 10 inches deep. The water and salt has bonded, and you’re not a part of that, so you can’t fit in there. You are on top of it,” explained Ghanim.

After a few minutes in the tank, you lose all sensation of where your body stops and the water begins.

“The water temperature, your skin temperature, and the air is all the same,” continued Ghanim. “Between 93.5 and 95.5 degrees is considered skin receptor neutral, so your brain doesn't register ‘This is my leg. This is water behind me.’ Your brain feels nothing.”

For many, like Chelsea Krohn-Cully who suffers from Chron's Disease, floating provides relief from her chronic pain.

“I'm not trapped in my body anymore. It doesn't hurt at that time. It's such a nice little vacation,” said Chelsea Krohn-Cully.

“Stress reduction. It alleviates chronic pain, and it keeps autoimmune diseases at bay. It’s good for PTSD. The insomniacs write me the most positive long term benefit emails from just one float,” Ghanim listed, while speaking of the benefits.

According to studies, one hour spent in a float tank equates to four hours of restful sleep.

Anybody of any age or size can float.

For more information on Therapods and float therapy, visit http://www.therapods.com/