NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark — In the heart of North Little Rock, you'll find Greg Johnson's oasis.

"I just see the beauty in boats," Johnson said. "I always have -- the shape of them and what you can do with them, where you can go -- places you just can't drive."

Johnson helps others experience that beauty too. He founded Little Rock Boat Builder Supply three years ago, creating a space where people can build their own kayaks and canoes.

"We were really amazed that the local interest was as big as it is, and it made it even more fun," he said.

The company offers kits that are designed and pre-cut in its warehouse located on Market Plaza, just off McCain Blvd.

"They are very easy to assemble," Johnson said.

Johnson can either ship the materials -- or guide customers through the assembly process in a "Build Your Own Boat" workshop. The classes run the course of one week or two weekends.

"I've had people with absolutely no woodworking experience put together beautiful boats," Johnson said. "It's kind of like putting a good old fashioned plastic model together. If you can do that, you can certainly do this."

And he says at the end of the process you'll leave with more than just a boat.

"It's so much fun," Johnson said. "I guarantee you you'll have a blast. You'll learn about yourself in the process too. A little bit of patience and the sense of accomplishment is huge."

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