LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- The Little Rock Police Department has over 250 cold case files, that's hundreds of unsolved cases, and even more friends and family members living with unanswered questions.

We’ve start a new series here on THV11 called Operation One, because sometimes all it takes is one person, one clue, or one missing piece, to solve a cold case.

Five years ago, a boyfriend and girlfriend were murdered in their home, police still have no answers, no tips, and no leads.

Bobby Broadway Junior and Natasha Avery were killed on May 6th, 2013.

In the police reports, a lifelong friend of Broadway said he couldn't get ahold of him so he went to Broadway's house, when he got there, one of the side doors was open. The friend went inside and found Broadway and Avery dead, both were shot multiple times.

This cold case is still far from over for the victims families.

Sister of Natasha Avery, Natalie Avery, said it still feels like it happened yesterday.

“When my mom called me and told me it was true, I immediately got my children and we came to Arkansas,” she said.

Daughter of Bobby Broadway Jr., Alysia Broadway, said she just wants answers.

“I just want to know what happened to my dad, that's it. I loved my dad so much,” she said.

Mother to Bobby Broadway Jr., Shirley Banks, said the person had to of known Broadway personally.

“Whoever did it, he let them in his house. It was somebody he knew that he felt comfortable with,” she said.

Cold case Detective, Bruce Maxwell, said the murder victims family are the living victims and they need answers.

“I just can't express to anyone what it's like to talk to someone that has lost a family member, due to violence,” he said.

“Who just takes an innocent person's life,” Avery said.

“I don't understand why and all I want to know is who and why,” Broadway said.

“I just want to know and find out what happened to my dad, that’s it,” Banks said.

Detective Maxwell said with several gun shots fired, someone in this neighborhood had to of heard or saw something. He said it just takes one person to come forward, to close this case.

“There is evidence that will help identify who did this but I still need someone to come forward and tell me and direct me in which way I need to go,” he said.

“All these years nothing, somebody somewhere knows something,” Banks said.

“I just want to know why did you do it and what for,” Broadway said.

“It's hard and life will never be the same but I just have to learn to focus on the positive and just know that it's in God's hands,” Avery said.

If hold the one piece of information the Little Rock police are looking for call the detective working the case at 501-404-3129.