Over two months ago, Drake Maness, a Pottsville High School senior, was severely injured after diving into a swimming pool on Friday, June 15.

Drake injured his spinal cord and vertebrae from the accident. He began his recovery journey at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. However he is now being treated at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Pray For Drake Facebook page has let his support teams from not only his community, but also surrounding communities, along with family and friends, follow his journey and recovery process.

Pray For Drake Facebook Page

Within two months of recovery, Drake has made great deal of progress and is exceeding all expectations. Just in the last two weeks, Drake has went from sitting up, to standing with help, to standing without help, to walking while in a harness, to walking with just a walker. His lungs have also improved as he is starting to break off from his ventilator.

According to Drake's family, October 18 is the tentative discharge date, but Drake is progressing faster than the doctors can predict.

In the time of recovery, multiple communities have come together to raise money for this beloved teenager.

One benefit stood out, as Drake Maness' teammates and opponents from the Russellville High School football team, hosted a "Give Back Fundraiser" at Brangus Steak House. The fundraiser that was set up for the high school football player, was a MAJOR success.

Upcoming fundraisers for Drake include raffle tickets for hunting shotguns and riffles and Arkansas Razorbacks cornhole boards and selling #DrakeStrong t-shirts, hats and cups. All of the proceeds will contribute to Drake's family and medical expenses.

A #DrakeStrong benefit concert is also in the process for a HUGE contribution to Drake's family. The concert will take place Saturday, August 18 on Saint Joe's Road in Atkins, Arkansas at 7 p.m. Performances will include Robby Deal, Jason Campbell, Rockey Don Jones and Jamie Jones.

Pray for Drake Facebook Page

"We are so thankful for all of the support and fundraising efforts," posted on the Pray For Drake Facebook update. "It’s really a beautiful thing to see a community come together like you all have. There are no words to describe how appreciative we are."

Follow Drake’s journey here.


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