LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Hollis Carter is proud and impressed by his daughter's swimming skills.

"She just kind of glides right through the water," Hollis said.

At a calm and steady pace, Becky Carter swims with great ease.

Becky has Down syndrome and is hearing impaired, but her dad Hollis Carter says she's always had an innate swimming ability and has never let anything stop her from achieving her goals.

"I like it when I swim," Becky said.

Becky is at home in the water.

"I know she knows she's got a disability," Hollis said. "But you would never know that she knows she's got a disability," 

She's spent the past 15 years working to improve her skill by taking swim lessons, being a part of swim teams, sports camps and competing at special events on every level.

Now at age 28, Becky has proven to be a remarkable athlete in the water. Last summer, she competed in the Special Olympics USA games in Seattle, returning home with two medals.

Casey Brown was Becky's assistant swim coach during the summer USA games. As head coach of the Waterdragons area five local swim team, she's watched Becky develop into a strong swimmer over the years.

 "I was so proud to see that hard work paid off for her.

"She is extremely hardworking," Brown said. "And so you take notice of those athletes that just have that great attitude and great work ethic."

Becky spends hours and hours every week training and working on her physical fitness.

"She's always there to help make sure practice runs smoothly she's encouraging to other athletes," Brown said. "And so it's good for the other athletes to look up to her as kind of the model athlete."

When she's not in the pool she's busy working at Jim Dailey Fitness and Aquatic Center, making sure all the equipment is nice and clean.

A lot of her time is also spent volunteering for Special Olympics fundraisers, helping out at Sunday school and serving as a mentor for high school kids with disabilities.

But for those who know her, it comes as no surprise that she's not just a remarkable athlete, but a great friend.