A local 15-year-old is beating the odds this holiday season.

Eureka teenager, Nathan Schiera, suffered brain damage at an early age from a seizure disorder.

As a result, one of things he likes to do is stack objects. In fact he's using his love of stacking objects to create what some are calling a 'Christmas masterpiece'.

Every evening, Schiera would come and he would throw those books down, go to the woods nearby his house, and come back with a bundle of sticks.

Schiera would spend hours sanding and grinding these sticks without a goal in sight until one day his mom saw a 'stick tree'.

"Oh my gosh that would be so perfect to do with his sticks," said Nancy Schiera, Nathan's mother.

So, Nathan made his first tree from those sticks and the family loved it but decided to take it a step further.

" And we had the idea of, well, 'Why don't we make a Christmas tree out of it? Why don't we make a huge one? And he was on a mission.'"

Nathan searched and finally had it just right.

"It's really fantastic. There's like over 1,300 lights on there," said Nacny. "The whole family just loves this tree."

"I thought it was just like a normal stick tree, I mean, I'm like, 'Whoa it's something new, it's something extraordinary, and they put the lights on and I'm like, "Whoa, it's like extra extraordinary.'"

So, what do you do with an eight foot stick tree after Christmas?

"I don't know! I don't know how we are going to get it... 'cause it's pretty heavy so we might just have it year round."

Nathan's mother has been offered money for the tree.

She said it's priceless and is not for sale.