CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As far as viral videos go, it's a slam dunk.

Samuel Grubbs, 26, was the brains behind the trick shot video that's taking the internet by storm. Since posting to his social media accounts, the video has been viewed by millions. What most aren't aware of is the story behind the dunk, and the classrooms' hilarious reaction.

Grubbs is no stranger to viral videos. The Granite Falls native started out on Vine and garnered nearly a million followers. Since the app's end, Grubbs has moved over to posting on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page.

His latest social media quest was to do a March Madness Video. The 26-year-old had filmed a couple different videos on a basketball court when the paper trash throw idea came to him.

"I have a fascination with trick shots because everyone can do a three-pointer and free throw, but how many people can do something that can take it to the next level?"

However, the viral video was a result of a purely coincidental moment. The social media guru was hanging out with friends in a UNC-Charlotte statistics class when were messing around throwing a paper ball into the trash can.

"Every single middle school or college student tries to throw their paper in the trash, every teacher knows that," Grubbs says. "So when we were messing around, everyone was like 'If this goes in, we're going to lose it.'"

As the statistics teacher innocently writes on the board, the paper ball is thrown from student to student. When the last student throws it behind his back and it lands in the trash can, the class' reaction is priceless.

"Everyone lost it," Grubbs says. "I don't think half the class knew it was going to go in like that."

Since going viral, the video has been played twice on ESPN as well as Fox News and Sports Illustrated.

"It's awesome," Grubbs says. "And it's still climbing."

In regards to his next big video, Grubbs says he would love to collaborate with the Tar Heels players when the tournament ends.