BALTIMORE, Md. (KTHV) – You know what's inspiring? Drake Maness is inspiring. This teenager has been through it all and is still pushing through tremendously!

Drake Maness severely injured his spinal cord while diving into a swimming pool on June 15. On Day 99 of his recovery [Sept. 22], he completed another week of therapy.

During the week, Drake walked up and down about five flights of stairs and finished his workout with 20 minutes on the treadmill! That's insane! This kid is Superman! There are no limitations to the strength he holds inside him, and our hearts couldn't be filled with more joy!

[Credit: Pray for Drake Facebook Page]

He's gone from barely being able to move following the incident, to sitting up on his own, to walking around with a little help, to walking more and more on his own, to now PLANKING.

He's even stunned us all with his sweet dance moves.

Drake is working more and more on his balance and coordination. But as you can see, he's doing pretty well. Recently he received a letter from the Arkansas Razorbacks head football coach Chad Morris. The letter is dated from late August and reads, "Drake- Just want you to know that we are praying for you. As the Razorbacks head into our first game, my only wish is that they would be as strong as you have been. Continue to persevere and fight. Can't wait to get you and your family to a game. #DrakeStrong. Go Hogs!"

In a Facebook post, Drake's family said, "We aren't giving up! Them Razorbacks just need a little time and things will get going! We are Hog fans for life."

[Credit: Pray for Drake Facebook Page]

We're #DrakeStrong and definitely Razorback strong, too! Go Hogs! As we all know, the Razorbacks are still trying to find their stride. They've only won one game so far this year and sit on three losses.

In the same Facebook post about the letter, Drake's family said, "Our God is awesome and definitely an on-time God. On Thursday we go for Drake's airway surgery so please pray that all goes well... Remember all things are possible through Christ. Please pray for Drake and remember others in need as well."

Pottsville High School has also dedicated their Sophomore Homecoming Hallway to Drake! Keep fighting, brother!

[Credit: Pray for Drake Facebook Page]

If you’d like to send Drake a card or well wishes, the address is below:

Drake Maness

707 North Broadway

3rd Floor Nursing

Room 317 C

Baltimore, Maryland 21205

While on this road to recovery, Maness has had overwhelming support from communities across the state. Numerous efforts to help this family have occurred including a benefit dinner by a rival football team’s booster club, a benefit concert, t-shirts for #DrakeStrong and more.

You can catch all fundraising efforts to help the Maness family with medical costs on the Pray for Drake Facebook page, click here. Or you can visit the Pray for Drake and Family Fundraiser page.


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