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What will you never take for granted again after the pandemic ends?

We're asking for your help to tell your story about what you'll never take for granted after this coronavirus crisis is over.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Right now, we are living in times that have never been seen before. 

But hopefully, while the social distancing and quarantines have been a challenge we never imagined facing, we have been able to learn a lot about how beautiful life can be. 

For many of us, we have learned some of the things that seemed "small" were actually incredibly important "big" things in life. It's easy to go through life and not take a moment to focus on the little blessings we all have.

That's got us wondering about when this is all over, What is the one thing that you will never again take for granted?

Maybe it was hugging your grandparents, seeing the latest movie, going to a concert, dinner dates, or having the family over for dinner.

Whatever you can imagine because the answer will be different for everyone.

And when we're finished collecting all of your answer, we're gonna use them to put together a story.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Think about what you want to say
  • Write down on a clean, white piece of paper what that one thing is for you. 
    • If you videotape yourself writing that down, you’ll get bonus points, and maybe see it on the news!
  •  Take a photo of you holding that piece of paper.

That's it! Then, send it to ajaeger@thv11.com.

Your authenticity could help others who are making it through these challenging times. 

We all need a little uplifting and positivity, don't you think?

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