LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A new way to protect your home is evolving this holiday season. Residents are using apps, connected to security camera systems, to report criminal activity with their neighbors.

With the push of a button, people are sharing pictures, videos and information about crime in neighborhoods. Scenic Hill Neighborhood Association President Yates Phillips said it’s a new type of neighborhood watch.

“There are, on our hill, only a handful of entrances and if each of those entrances are covered by a camera we could see who comes on and off our hill in our neighborhood,” Phillips said.

With security apps, you can see what exactly is happening at nearby homes.

“Much like the Nextdoor website allows you to see who’s around you and what kind of issues they’re facing Ring also has a neighborhood app where you can choose to share your video feed with other people who are geographically close to you,” Phillips said.

Phillips encourages all his neighbors in Scenic Hill to install security cameras and use apps like Ring and Wyze Cam, even if that means setting them up himself.

“If people are willing to host me with their power and wifi, I will fork over the 25 bucks to buy a camera to put it in place to add to our neighborhood network,” Phillips said.

Many apps don’t require a device to see uploaded content. The evolving technology is helping police solve crimes quickly. Little Rock police are encouraging app use at neighborhood meetings.

“It’s very vital and we use it with the assistance of the public that gives it to us we definitely love that those are shared to us. It helps us kind of go one step further and find them sooner or you know make that arrest,” LRPD Lt. Eric Barnes said.

The cameras help deter criminal activity.

“We can’t do this job alone. We’ve got to have the community to help us and support us and with that tool it helps us a ton knowing exactly who’s in the neighborhood, any suspicious activity going on,” Barnes said.

Little Rock Police said they typically see an increase in package theft around the holidays, but more people are being caught in the act because of the footage being shared.