LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Deck systems are not just functional, in the sense of course that you use it as your backyard patio, especially if you are on a hillside. But what is great about decks is they can be visually beautiful as well.

Instead of just doing a set of stairs four foot wide coming from the upper patio area here, it’s a grandness. You have two sets of steps that are eight foot long, wide steps, and then they come to a landing which is perfect because now we have a bench.

Speaking of bench, what is wonderful is this is a built in bench that really a lot of thought was put into because it’s just the right height which is about eighteen inches and what is great about it is they even built armrests and the main reason for this is so that you can put your drink. Isn’t that clever?

It’s also positioned in such a way that it takes complete advantage of the view of the backyard. Then there is more steps and yet another landing and more steps to the backyard, giving it such a beautiful, beautiful visual look. Not only from the backyard looking up, but from the upper patio looking down.

The key thing is they do stain their deck which will preserve it for years to come. If you do build a deck and use treated wood make sure you let it cure for a couple months before you paint it. The only problem is when you paint it you always have to keep it painted to make it look fresh.