LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know Chris has a philosophy when it comes to landscaping, especially when it comes to ground covers.

He loves aggressive ground covers. Now some of you, you hate it because you have to control it, but honestly if you just keep up with it on a routine basis its really low maintenance.

This one is a great one. This is called Chamelon Cardada. This is a wonderful ground cover because it spreads everywhere. It has variegated foliage and it has flowers. Plus if you break the stems, Chris happens to like the fragrance of it. But it likes great areas where it can spread, especially moist areas. So if you happen to have a drainage problem and semi-shade, it is perfect for you.

Then Chris also loves Ligularias, there are all different varieties of Ligularias. This happens to be the Leopard plant, and with the heat it’s going to get bigger and bigger. It likes warm nights. What is great about it is it has speckles all over the foliage so it really shows up especially at night.

Then one of Chris’ favorite Perennials that he uses as ground cover, and it’s what we call a “clumper”. A clumper is something that spreads but stays mostly in a mound. So it doesn’t go over everywhere, it’s the Toad Lily. Look at this foliage, it’s just beautiful.

Now there are different types of Toad Lilies. Some of them have polka dots on the leaves as well. What’s great about this plant is in the fall it blooms into beautiful orchid flowers. Add these three ground covers together and you have one low maintenance full bed that is lush and beautiful.