LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know maybe you have a big family. Maybe you like to entertain and you need more sitting area outside.

Believe it or not on this one deck we have five different sitting areas or destinations. There is one covered area on one end with a fireplace.

There’s another small sitting area for two people so its intimate with a big large container, and next to that then we have an eating area which is great because they mixed in metal chairs. Remember mix it up, change it up.

Then you have another covered area here with a sitting area here, then another sitting area which is the porch swing.

Five different areas in one, but they all flow together because they have similar cushions and pillows. So the color scheme is the same but yet different, so again mix and matching it all up.

Then it’s also about the containers. I mean there are pots full of big Kimberly ferns, they have the great macho fern, the big pot in the corner which has a camellia which they had for years, as well as beautiful tropical croton, fan flower and begonia. All different little pots and big pots, very neatly and tastefully done with little knick knacks and personal touches as well.

And people love to come and congregate, whether they want sun, they want to eat or they want shade it appeals to everybody.