LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know it’s about nap time. Sometimes taking a nap outside can be so refreshing.

Remember as a kid we used to take naps on the lawn, where you had the coolness of the grass and maybe the smell of the lawn as well. Well why not take a nice nap on some moss. It’s slightly moist but not wet. It’s just cool and refreshing.

A lot of us have areas in our yard we can’t grow grass for whatever reason. Maybe it’s too much shade, maybe it’s too much run off, maybe it’s just too rocky. But moss might be a great alternative.

If you let it just naturalize itself it looks like a green lawn. It’s so low maintenance because: one, you don’t have to mow it; two, you don’t have to use chemicals; three, you can still rake and blow right off of it. It’s easy to maintain and clean.

Now how do you get moss to grow? This moss most likely grew here naturally. It just had the perfect environment. Which means it can stay moist for certain parts of the year, even in the heat of summer it can still dry out and as soon as we have a rain, come back alive again.

You can grow moss several different ways. You can but it at certain nurseries fresh and alive and you just pin it down and let it grow that way. We call this patchwork. Of you can take it and blend it with Yogurt or Buttermilk or like this puppy says, Buttermilk huh? You can go ahead and apply it that way by spraying it around on your dirt. Keep it moist and eventually it will root and grow and then you’ll have before you know it in a couple of years a beautiful carpet of moss.