LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know there’s nothing like a dramatic entrance to the front door of a house.

That’s why number one Chris always likes to do walkways that are from the street to the door, not just from the driveway to the front door. It’s more functional that way as well.

Then he also likes to surround both sides of the walkway with a flower bed, not necessarily just turf. Now we have a beautiful maple tree on one side and he wanted to do a balance on the other side so he made the landscape against the house on this side heavier.

But what he really loves is how we have a design here along the pathway. This garden is only a year old so you can only imagine in about three years, which happens to be the magical time when a landscape starts to really take shape, how it’s going to look. We did end caps of English Boxwoods. We did Wintergreen Boxwoods in between. This will be cut as an eighteen inch solid hedge, it’s going to give us that circle design. So we’re actually walking thru the circle.

Then here we have Variegated Liriope, which will grow together as a solid ground cover. This is great because for the most part its evergreen, until you cut it back in February. It blooms of course in summer time and it’s low maintenance.

Then one of my favorite shrubs is called Lime Kaleidoscope Abelia, which is what we have on this side of the landscape. It is Chartreuse, it is Variegated, it blooms pink flowers in the summer time. Hummingbirds and butterflies love it!

Now we have a beautiful cohesive design with and color and for the most part low maintenance.