LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We have this backyard flowerbed and you want to have color, not only in the front of your house, but in the back of your house because for the most part that is what you see the most.

Now this is what we did. We planted all different types of perennials and shrubs that are going to provide color from Spring through the Fall.

One of my favorite perennials ever is the Rudbeckia. Talked about it before and I’m going to talk about it again because you’ve got to have this in your yard. It’s easy, it’s tough, and of course my favorite color is yellow and as always remember: yellow is the first color your eye is attracted to. So it captures everyone’s attention.

Behind it we have the Golden Lime Kaleidoscope Abelia, which also happens to have creamy flower, pink creamy flowers in the summer time that hummingbirds adore.

Then we have Hydrangeas. We went with the Pink Hydrangeas and we have a more acidic area down in the lower part of the bed and we have the Blue Hydrangea. That gives us lots of color.

Then we also have white, which is a color, we have the White Gardenia. Now we have the fragrance in this area.

But what looks really bold are these Calia Lilies. The color is an orange yellow color and it grows tall so you can see it from inside of the house over the railing of the deck. It really sticks out.

Now this whole bed, which was dull and boring before just hollies, is full of texture and for the most part full of color. Remember don’t be shy when it comes to color.