LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know talking about a house that looks like the Christmas Story, I’m expecting any moment for Ralphie to come out of the door with a BB gun.

Anyhow, this house is beautiful and has true Southern Charm. And what is great about it is what we did with the garland. It’s swagged in between each of the columns, something that is a little bit different. Plus, not only is it pre-lit with small miniature white lights, but we also added the old fashioned C-9 lights as well. It really sparkles, especially at night time.

Better yet, look what we did around the door. We used real Magnolia garland. Believe it or not this client flies this Garland in from New York every year, including these wreaths, which are also made out of live and fresh Magnolia. Just simply beautiful.

But for the added touch, why not have a live cut Christmas tree outside? On the corner of the front porch we did a live tree. It looks great, again we did the miniature lights with the C9 lights tying everything together.

What’s great about this front porch it’s all in the details. If you take a close look, the magnolia wreaths are hung with red ribbon, giving them a little bit of color. Just finishing that final little touch.

Truly this is a Christmas that is deep in the South.