ARKANSAS, USA — 9/11 is not over. 

The buildings have fallen, but not our memories; which we can all conjure up in a matter of seconds.

9/11 is not over. 

We still deal with the Taliban who ruled Afghanistan when it was a safe harbor for Osama Bin Laden, who masterminded the attack.

The Taliban controls over half the country. Over 14,000 American troops remain and there is a real fear that, if they leave, the Taliban again rules.

9/11 is not over. 

It was Saudis who staged the attacks, and yet, we still have not discovered a way to appropriately deal with the sinister nature of that country’s regime.

9/11 is not over at airports, where shoes still come off, metal detectors are never off, dogs roam, and I.D.’s are checked. 

Multitudes resigned to a loss of freedom.

Lest you think me totally discouraged, it is on this day when our country is at its strongest--because we are unified by the memory.

And it is this unity that I wish we could somehow bottle and apply to all the areas of division that get our attention all too often.

Yes, our economy is strong, our military mighty, but what makes us great is when we are together.

Unity would make us stronger than we’ve ever been. It would be the best way to honor those who died in New York, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

Then, and only then, will 9/11 be over.

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