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Meet Harvey, the two-headed cat born in Arkansas

A cat with two heads was born in Harrison, Arkansas on Wednesday. The family named him Harvey, after Harvey Dent from the Batman Comics.

HARRISON, Ark. — Update: Harvey, the two-headed kitten passed away on Sunday morning. 

Harrison resident Jesse Contreas's cat gave birth to kittens on Wednesday evening— but one of them seemed a little different.

He said that everything was going normally at first until things took a dramatic change.

"He had one kitten and it was fine. And then she had the second one. And I got down there with her...And I was like, oh my goodness, something is not right with this cat," Contreas explained.

His cat's third kitten was born with two heads.

"I was like, 'Look at this thing. It's got two faces, and you know, everyone just started freaking out in the house kitchen," he said.

Jesse said the cat is a boy and the family named him Harvey, after Harvey Dent, who is the villain 'Two Face' in the Batman comics.

They took Harvey to the vet on Thursday, and so far he is in good health.

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