Two of the three cheetahs at the Little Rock Zoo celebrated their third birthday Sunday afternoon. Brothers Oscar and Boomer received extra playtime, some of their favorite food, and extra treats to celebrate the occasion.

The party, held at Cheetah Outpost, had free cake and lemonade for guests as well as a live demonstration.

The Cheetah Outpost at the Little Rock Zoo is home to one female cheetah, Maggie, and the two males, Oscar and Boomer.  

The Cheetah Outpost exhibit features two yards for the cheetahs and two observatory decks for viewing the cheetahs in their habitat.

The Little Rock Zoo is an active supporter of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). The CCF actively works with local, national and international communities to raise awareness, communicate, educate and train the public on issues concerning cheetahs, their habitat, and how we can help.   

Join the Zoo’s efforts to secure a future for this endangered species by donating to our conservation fund.