CONWAY, Ark. — Nine puppies found in a plastic tote behind a dealership in Conway Sunday are expected to make a full recovery.

"It's pretty heartbreaking to see something like that occur and as often as it does,” Austin Miller said.

Officer Austin Miller with the Conway Police Department said getting calls about abandoned animals is not anything new.

"Usually it is just a puppy or two that someone calls in,” he said.

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But Sunday, the department received an unusual call. Nine puppies were found in a plastic tote behind the Crain dealership off of Amity Road. Miller said it was a hot day with direct sunlight. Miller responded to the call with Officer Steven Mergers.

“There was an elderly man that saw them and called us and we came and got them,” he said.

The nine puppies were taken to the Conway Animal Welfare Unit to be cared for. They are around 10-12 weeks old and are believed to be a Terrier mix.

"They had ringworm or stomach worm and they had the fleas,” Miller said.

But Miller himself could not seem to let one of the puppies go.

"I remember looking at this one particular one with the face, had a little Aussie face to it and she was in the very back. I kept looking at her and I thought she was kind of the cutest one of them all,” he said.

That is when Miller called his wife and decided to adopt one.

"As soon as I picked her up she wrapped her paws around my hand and I held her and pet her there for a little bit and she just loved it... so I took some pictures of her, sent them to my wife and then she fell in love with the puppy as well,” he said.

The shelter named the puppy Meira and she is still being cared for by the shelter.

"Yesterday I brought my two-year-old but there just to see her and he fell in love with her just the same,” Miller said.

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Miller said he might change her name to Roxy. But he said he is ready to bring Meira home and give her the best life.

"It's heartbreaking to see what people do to animals that can't defend for themselves or anything. They have no voice, they have no way of helping themselves. Especially at that young age,” Miller said.

The shelter and Conway Police Department are checking to see if there is camera footage of the person who dumped the puppies.

If you are interested in adopting one of the other eight, contact The Conway Animal Welfare Unit here