According to Wynne Friends of Animals Animal Shelter in Wynne, they are being forced to close their doors within 30 days due to an alleged city council meeting which they say they were not aware of.

"Our contracts with the City of Wynne were in effect until February 2020, however, at a special called meeting of the City Council, at the request of the Mayor, on Thursday September 19, 2019 all monies and contracts with the Wynne Friends of Animals were cancelled effective in 30 days," the shelter posted on their Facebook page.

We attempted to reach out to the Wynne City Council Sunday afternoon but haven't heard back.

The shelter is asking for funds for food, treatment, veterinary care, etc. until they can find the proper placement for these animals.

They ask that you donate on their website, or mail to
PO Box 1365, Wynne Arkansas 72396.