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Arkansans gather for #SaveThePostOffice Rally in Little Rock

Voters called on Governor Hutchinson to extend the absentee ballot deadline while they defended the services the United States Postal Service provides.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — It's a fight taking place all across the country. People calling on leaders to save the post office after growing concerns regarding changes to the postal service, which are causing mail delays. 

People from all different organizations in Little Rock gathered on Saturday at the Brady Post Office around 11 a.m. 

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They marched, sent letters to local leaders, but their main reason for being there was defending, what they say, are essential services the United States Postal Service Provides. 

One of the many joining in the chanting was Jennifer Pierce. 

"I did not fight and sacrifice my good health for this country for it to be like this," she said. 

Pierce, a Navy Veteran, sat on the side of the road holding her sign for all the disabled veterans, who rely on medications through the mail to get them by each day. 

"One day late, one day late is lives. We're not just talking about heart medication, pain medicine, everything and it's important," she said. 

For Tanya James, the US Postal Service slow-down hits close to home. 

"I needed the USPS to be working and on time and fully staffed, so this paperwork can get in in time, so me and my daughter can eat," she said. 

Pierce and James were among several Arkansans fighting this same fight on Saturday. 

One of the organizers of the #SaveThePostOffice Rally, Loriee Evans, said their goal was to show support for, what she believes, is an American institution that everyone relies on. 

"We're here to say we support you, thank you for your service, and making sure that Americans get their life saving medications, their benefits and their ballots," she said. 

Another message, according to Evans, was the importance of mail-in voting and they're asking local leaders to make a change.

"We're calling on Governor Hutchinson to please issue an executive order to extend the absentee ballot deadline," she said. 

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They also sent letters to Congressman French Hill, pleading for him to act this week and provide protection for the US postal service. 

"This brings attention to a crucial issue that is bipartisan. Everybody needs their mail, everyone does," Pierce said.