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Arkansas author publishes 6th children's book, focusing on special needs, love, togetherness

A local author from Mayflower, Ark. releases her sixth children's book titled My Sister, My Friend.

MAYFLOWER, Ark. — A local author from Mayflower, Ark. has just written and released not one, but her sixth children's book.

Though book writing was not in the life plans for Maria Hoskins, the universe has a different route. 

Hoskins contributes her writing to her family and most-treasured family memories.

One year, Hoskins was looking for a book for the Christmas season, but could not seem to locate exactly what she wanted. A colleague then gave her a challenge: Write the book yourself. 

"I was challenged to write," Hoskins said. "It was truly an awaken experience that came about. When I sat down to figure out what I wanted to write about, I knew immediately I would write about these wonderful family gatherings and going to my grandmother's farm here in Mayflower."

Christmas on the Farm was born, touching on Hoskins's own childhood memories of her family’s holiday season in the mid-1960s.

Several books later, Hoskins has just released her latest children's book titled My Sister, My Friend, which tells of two sisters who laugh, play and fuss together, and do all the things that siblings do, regardless of their physical differences.

This book is dedicated to her daughters, one of which has special needs and the other who lots of special abilities.

When writing this book, Hoskins said she began to think about diversity and inclusion. 

"I think about how diverse our country is, and I started to think about my immediate family," Hoskins said. "I have a very diverse family, and then I have people in my family with special needs. So, how can I transcend that message and help others? I think about how we come together in love in a family or in a community."

Hoskins said it doesn't matter about the challenges we have, but about coming together to help one another with love. 

"The bottom line is no matter the needs we have, we focus on love for one another," Hoskins said.

You can find all of Hoskins's books on her website here or contact one of your local bookstores.