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Arkansas wedding venue booked almost every Saturday in 2022

Spring is in the air and so is love for a lot of couples who are set to get married this year. Wedding experts say we're set to see a big boom in weddings for 2022.

SHERWOOD, Ark — The Venue at Oakdale in Sherwood said they only have three Saturdays left in this calendar year alone to book. In 29 more days, Antoine Larry and Torshia Forte will say ‘I do,' in the venue's chapel. 

"I think that it's rare that you find somebody that just completely gets you and accepts you flaws and all and I found that person and that's my forever person," said Forte. 

Her fiancé, Antoine Larry said he's never been married before, but he definitely found the one.

They got engaged last year and costs have been piling all the way up to the aisle.

"Even the small things start to add up that you don't think are going to cost a lot actually do," Forte said. 

Beyond cost, they said just trying to find a venue was tough at first. 

The Venue at Oakdale director said they're still booking rescheduled pandemic weddings from last year.

According to research company, the Wedding Report, around 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year, the most since 1984.

"That was because a lot of people moved their weddings right, but this year generically it's definitely been an uptick. We're still booking weddings for 2022 and we're already past our desired quarter," Uche Onyeyiri with Angelo's Garden in Mayflower said.

He said regardless of inflation costs and full calendars, couples are still booking with their venue.

He believes COVID-19 changed the mindset of a lot of people. 

Now they're just trying to celebrate life.

"People would always look at our packages like 'aww, that's so expensive' but now people are looking at it and be like 'Oh that's it? Okay, alright, lets go for it," Onyeyiri said.

That's why Antoine and Torshia are counting down the days until they say I do. 

"Through thick and thin," Larry said. 

"That's my forever person," Forte said.

Forte made it a point to use Black owned venders for her wedding in order to support Black business. 

She credits Black Swan Catering, Robbie with the Experience Events, Sound Guy Entertainment and The One by Dee for created their cake.