Though the major flooding is still days away in central Arkansas, our neighbors in Oklahoma are several days in. 

The major flooding, in addition to the days upon days of tornadoes north and west of us, is affecting the blood supply in our region.

You can help both the victims of severe weather and your fellow Arkansans by donating blood this weekend.

"Due to the intense flooding that's occurring across our region, it's having a critical impact on our blood supply," said Paulette Nieuwenhof of the Arkansas Blood Institute. 

"Because of this, we are asking all healthy adults aged 16 and older to come in and donate to prevent a blood shortage," she said.

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There are five blood centers in Arkansas and four of them are in our main viewing area. They also have mobile donation centers they set up in different places.

You can get more information about these locations and their hours, by clicking here.