EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) – Just outside of Eureka Springs, retired cabooses have been given new life, creating a one-of-a- kind lodging experience for those looking for a memorable stay.

"You are in an authentic 1926 caboose for sure, yes!" said Damon Henke, owner of Ozark Mountain Vacation Rentals.

It's not every day you get to climb aboard one, let alone stay the night inside one.

"This one is a wooden caboose and the next two are mid-century metal cabooses, so it's very interesting to see the differences in each one," said Henke. "it adds to the vacation experience."

Just outside of the Eureka Springs City Limits, you can hop aboard a vacation like no other.

"We have set it up so you have your own little world out here and you feel like you have a piece of the mountain," said Henke.

Nestled in the Ozarks, Livingston Junction Cabooses offers a unique stay aboard one of three renovated cabooses.

"Where we are sitting now, it gave the operator in the back the ability to see a 360 degree view around the train and know what only is coming down the tracks, but what they passed," explained Henke.

Each caboose comes furnished with a bed, kitchenette and bathroom, making for a close, but comfortable stay.

"A caboose is a caboose! They didn't have a lot of room on the rails and there's only a certain length that it can be!" said Henke.

The rooms are designed with the idea of keeping a piece of the past alive.

"This is all a wood structure caboose, which is indicative of the old cabooses and you'll see a lot of the elements that are still here from when this was rolling down the rails," said Henke.

Reporter: "So what makes this so exciting to be able to stay in a caboose?"

Henke: "Well really the history that comes with the caboose and the uniqueness! It's not every day you are going to find a caboose anymore and be able to stay in it!"

[ID=30220897]Secluded in the woods, Livingston Junction offers a tranquil escape from everyday life.

"Really it's just about spending time with a loved one. Whether it be in the hot tub, on the deck or in the train, the whole idea was to have it secluded and have it be alone time for folks," said Henke.

It's a stay off the beaten path, but one that's sure to be memorable.

"The convenience of it being right down the road from Eureka, too, makes it a great experience overall," said Henke.

Nightly rates for the Livingston Junction Cabooses run anywhere from $99 to $139.

There's no cable and no wi-fi in any of the rooms. The owners say they designed them that way to add to the experience of being out in nature.

For more information you can visit the Livingston Junction Cabooses website.