NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Gun safety is something we often hear about, especially in today's current political climate. But have you ever heard of gun safety for kids?

It's summertime -- the living is easy and kids are out of school. Many are registered for summer programs, but this one is unlike any other.

Nathan Rouse of Arkansas Armory is aiming to teach kids about gun safety over summer break.

"Teach kids that if they encounter something that even resembles a gun, to stop what you're doing, don't touch it, run away, and tell a grown up,” the business owner said.

Eddie the Eagle is the NRA's gun safety mascot. In police departments across the country, Eddie's messages promoting gun safety are taught to school-aged kids.

Next week that message will be taught to kids inside a shooting range for the first time.

"We have kids that are at home and maybe are unsupervised. People aren't keeping an immediate eye on them,” Rouse said of the motivation behind the class’ offering. “There are guns in the home. We want to teach kids what to do whenever they encounter a gun and know how to respond appropriately, instead of a tragedy taking place."

James Davis has registered his five-year-old son for the class.

"Jackson has grown up around guns. He's very respectful of firearms. We want him to learn the right way,” the father said of his son. We asked him if he had any concern this class could encourage his son to use guns. "The parents are the ones at the end of the day that can teach their children right from wrong when it comes to guns. Classes like this are training aids. They're aids to brush up on what the parents are supposed to be teaching them."

The gun safety class is Monday, June 18 at nine. If you're interested in attending with your kids contact Arkansas Armory.

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