What's old becomes new again. It's true for a lot of things, from fashion to parenting.

This morning, we're taking a look at a so-called 'new' way some choose to raise their kids.

Moms and dads, we all parent differently. From the helicopter mom, "sometimes my husband makes sounds like ‘whoosh-whoosh’ when I'm around," joked one mom who was visiting from Texas to her more hands-off peer.

"If my kid's going to off the highest slide, I should let him," another mom said.

So what do you think about 'free-range parenting,' giving your kids more freedom, more alone time and more responsibility?

The founder of freerangekids.com started this movement after getting backlash for allowing her 9-year-old son to find his own way home in New York City, subway ride and all.

"In New York City?" one woman said. "No, I would never do that."

Earlier this year, Utah became the first state to protect so-called "free-range parents." A similar bill failed in Arkansas last year.

We asked parents and grandparents what they thought about it.

"Absolutely not," said dad Matt Wheeler from Conway. "It's hard enough now to let them go out in the front yard and let them play on their own. You have to consistently be there, monitoring them even in a quiet neighborhood."

Not everyone hated the idea.

"I like the concept," said a dad visiting from Texas, "but it's going to have some boundaries because unfortunately, we don't live in a day and age that you can be oblivious of the safety issues."

"You've got to let them try things," added another mom, "because if they don't, they'll be scared of bigger things later in life."