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Two millennials review toys your kids are talking about this Christmas

If you're anything like us, you're just now making your list, and all the new toys out can be a little overwhelming.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Thanksgiving is a little late this year, leaving only three weeks for Christmas shopping! If you're anything like us, you're just now making your list, and all the new toys out can be a little overwhelming. 

But don't worry -- THV11's Hana Williams and Morgan Flanagan went and tested out some of this year's popular new toys before you head out for Black Friday.

Bloom Dolls

These cute little figurines literally grow before your eyes. They come "planted" in their containers, but once you pour water on the top, their foam hair grows and they burst through the top! Lots of small accessories, so they're probably not best for small children, but they're definitely fun for the little girl in your life.

Go Glam Cool Maker

So, this nifty lil' contraption can stamp designs onto your nails. It's low maintenance and easy for kids to use -- plus it saves the mess of painting designs with nail polish. 

Adventure Force T-Rex

This T-Rex can walk, light up, and roar. Nothing crazy new or innovative here, but walking T-Rex toys are always a winner in our eyes. We're not responsible for the pets that freak out when they see this thing in action.

Ryan's World Safe

The popular Youtube and Nick Jr. star now has a "safe" that opens up to a big puzzle. There are three levels and each one has a clue for the next. Plus, there's rewards at the end. Especially great if your kid loves brain games. 

Baby Shark Doll

For the brave parents, or mean relatives, this doll is perfect. Not only does it sing the beloved Baby Shark song, it gets faster the more you move it...Good luck to those who put this one under the tree.

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