ARKANSAS, USA — There were six prescribed burns scheduled for Arkansas Tuesday. And with all the humidity in the air, the Arkansas Forestry Commission said it was the perfect time to do them.

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Arkansas Forestry Division State Forester Joe Fox said prescribed burns are the best tool we have to fight wildfires.

“Some in the east part of the state, which might be agriculture, crop stubble burns. And then some in the western part of the state, which are going to be forestry related burns,” Fox said.

Fox said sometimes fighting fire with fire is the best option.

“It reduces the forest floor fuels that feed wildfire, so that’s number one. Number two, it creates wonderful wildlife habitat,” Fox said.

This renews the forest floor and attracts insects, along with turkey and quail.

While residents are in burn bans in parts of the state that are in moderate and high fire danger areas, it’s the perfect time for prescribed burns.

“It’s a little bit hotter and a little bit dryer, but not too intense,” Fox said.

Tuesday, prescribed burns were scheduled for Arkansas, Cleveland, Greene, Lafayette, Logan, Monroe, Saline, and Scott counties.

Professionals must make sure they have the ingredients for a perfect burn before they can spark the match.

“Checking the weather in a specific area, making sure that the relative humidity is over 25% and the winds are less than 15 miles an hour, you can get some pretty good results for the professional wildfire, or prescribed fire practitioner,” Fox said.

It’s only safe for professionals to do these prescribed burns.

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If you have any questions, you can call the Arkansas Forestry Commission at 501-225-1598.

You can click here to find scheduled prescribed burns.