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Camp Taco brings innovative twist to classic dishes

Camp Taco was born of experimentation, creativity, collaboration, and a huge amount of fun-- combining cultures and 70s aesthetics for quite the camping trip.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — For some time now, we have heard of a restaurant that acts as the perfect combination of different cultures, 70s aesthetics, innovation, and good beer.

Camp Taco has become a staple for so many in Central Arkansas since their grand opening nearly two years ago. 

The popular restaurant was born out of experimentation, creativity, collaboration, and a huge amount of fun.

“When we got together to develop this place, those were kind of the key words that we thought about,” creator and partner of Camp Taco, Scott McGehee said. “[It's] a place that we can do anything, have a lot of fun for our guests and for ourselves.”

So, what exactly is Camp Taco? 

Well, it’s a brewpub meets restaurant, which then meets camp!

The restaurant is actually a concept born from local business Lost 40. 

McGehee said their brewers would get creative, but it was a huge risk. Instead of pouring thousands of gallons of beer down the drain--Camp Taco was born!

“We saw this as an opportunity for our brewers to have the ability to do smaller experiments, really become hyper creative and collaborative, and have a lot of fun in that process,” McGehee said.

When you walk through the doors of Camp Taco, you’re immediately taken back in time as you're greeted by camp counselors! 

The restaurant is covered in old televisions, posters, funky bathrooms, and intentional décor to create a homelike ambiance. 

What they do with the décor is the same thing they want people to experience with the kitchen.

When creating Camp Taco, partners wanted it to be fun with no rules--even breaking some rules. 

Even though Camp Taco is a Mexican or traditional Arkansas Mexican vibe in the kitchen, chefs bring a lot of Asian influence, and influences from other cultures.

It’s a perfect spot for a lunch break or a night out with friends!

We LOVED the food, and you certainly will too!

From the savory Mexican ramen to the filling chicken taco, and the vegan cheese dip-- the Camp Taco chefs will keep you coming back for more!

Camp Taco is supremely unique whether you’re talking about the atmosphere or the food. 

Camp Taco is located near East Village right on E. 6th Street. They are open Sunday-Thursday from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., and are open on Friday and Saturday until 10 p.m.

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