LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- This week, the THV11 "Eat It Up" duo visited on Ohia Poke on W. 6th St. in Little Rock. But what in the world is "poke," and what else did they learn?

Check it out:


1.) Ohia is a type of flower. They chose the name as a homage to the Hawaiian culture that made this type of cuisine famous.

Poke pronounced poke-ay, in Hawaiian, means “to chop”. Poke is a salad based around chopped raw fish (think sushi in a bowl). Ohia Poke said the dish originated with Hawaiian fisherman chopping up their fresh catch as a snack while fishing and seasoning it with salt and spices.

2. While the downtown location of Ohia Poke has only been open for a short time, the Little Rock food scene seemed to love it so much, they recently opened a second location. Now you can get Ohia Poke at the Promenade in west Little Rock as well.


3.) Ohia’s mission is to give customers a chance to make the decisions in their food choices. Everything is customizable. When you arrive, you walk down the aisle and build your bowl as you go. Start with a base of white rice, brown rice or mixed greens. Then choose protein like salmon, tuna, yellow tail, spicy tuna or tofu. You can then choose over 20 different items to include in your Poke salad.


4.) Most of the toppings you can choose from are fresh, colorful and raw. They have unique toppings like seaweed salad and popular toppings like avocado. Ohia Poke said those toppings are their most popular choices.

5.) Ohia Poke said the secret star ingredient for every bowl is the sauce. They have multiple custom sauces to try. They have a system where they don’t just drizzle it on top, they mix the sauce in with everything so the sauce flavors can be tasted with every bite. They said this is a different technique than other poke places.


Rob and Amanda’s pro-tips:

Rob - Ask to sample the sauces before you decide what to put on your bowl. They have spicy and sweet sauces and the “sauce boss” mixture that are all worth trying first.

Amanda - If you get the large bowl, you’ll likely have enough for your meal in the shop and enough extra to have for a lunch or lite dinner later!