1. River City Coffee is probably the coziest little coffee shop in Hillcrest with plenty of windows that boast a great view of busy Kavanaugh.
  2. Co-owner and barista, Jeremy Bragg, has been awarded “Best Barista” by local publications. Make sure to say hello!
  3. They are famous for their coffee ice cubes. They created the perfect way to keep your iced coffee cold without watering down your drink.
  4. They have plenty of games to play inside plus a really cool record player. Feel free to browse their selection and get your favorite track spinning.
  5. If you aren’t a coffee fan, they have great Italian sodas. You can pick from a large variety of syrups to customize your own fun soda.

Pro Tips:
Make sure to look at all the art on the walls. River City Coffee is proud to host exhibitions by local artists and display a variety of local artwork.

Rob: Get the hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. It was delicious!